A little white noise for my listening pleasure.

Station break for a musical interlude courtesy of BJ Thomas:

 Raindrops keep falling on my head.
And, just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed,
nothing seems to fit.
Those raindrops keep falling on my head,
they keep falling …

I don’t remember to sing that one often enough.

It’s been raining all day, a nice back drop to my day.  Rain is one of my favorite kinds of white noise.  I’ve actually downloaded several excellent storm to my “white noise” playlist.  It helps when I’m trying to work on a grant proposal and having trouble focusing.  It helps when I’m on a plane and feeling claustrophobic and stressed.  It helps when I’m meditating.  When I discovered that I could find white noise on iTunes and Google Play Music … oh, happy day.

The best white noise for my money is thunderstorms (I have six of these downloaded).  Love, love, love me some thunder in the distance as I’m listening to my rain storm.  I like thunderstorms in real life, too.  Today’s storm hasn’t had any thunder, but the rain has been lovely.  I’ve been reading, writing, doing my hair (a crazily labor-intensive process that deserves a month of slices all to itself).  All the while listening to the soft sound of the rain.  I’m feeling very soothed.

And there’s more on tap for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a little less fun because I’ll be out and about in it more than today.  Which is a good reminder that I need to restart my search for a good, fun, happy-colored pair of rain boots and a nice big umbrella.  I have neither of these things now, and I feel the lack.  I like walking in the rain, and the little purse-sized umbrellas I use are serviceable, but they’re so ordinary, so un-fabulous.  I love a big, old-fashioned umbrella, the sound of the rain on that gorgeous, thick, oiled fabric.  Sigh.  I’m remembering the beautiful, deep blue umbrella I bought in a little shop in Pisa 30 years ago.  That thing was a work of art.

Now it’s time to fall asleep to the sound of the rain.  Delicious.

Raindrops keep falling on my head.
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red.
Crying’s not for me,
’cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining.
Because I’m free.
Nothing’s worrying me.


Sing in the rain all the way over to Two Writing Teachers to see all of today’s slices.

SOL image 2014

7 thoughts on “A little white noise for my listening pleasure.

  1. I do love the sound of rain too, and wish I could recommend some good rain boots, but I haven’t got any myself. But I did get a nice big sturdy umbrella at a shoe repair shop near me a year or so ago, Vista brand — only problem is it’s a bit heavy so you don’t want to carry it on the off-chance it might rain, just when it’s already pouring.


    1. Right? I’m curious about that one, too. Maybe it has something to do with the sound way spectrum … if there is such a thing?

      Ah … here’s what Wikipedia says:

      The practice of naming kinds of noise after colors started with “white noise”, a signal whose spectrum has equal power within any equal interval of frequencies. That name was given by analogy with “white light”, which was (incorrectly) assumed to have such a “flat” power spectrum over the visible range. Other color names, like “pink”, “red”, and “blue” were then given to noise with other spectral profiles; often (but not always) in reference to the color of light with similar spectra. Some of those names have standard definitions in certain disciplines, while others are very informal and poorly defined.

      Hmm … helpful, but a very little bit disappointing …


  2. I love colorful rain gear too, though I too have only the drab and serviceable: two neutral rain jackets and an extremely useful black purse umbrella that’s traveled everywhere with me. I was so happy the other day when it was raining and I didn’t have to go anywhere, and I discovered that from our front-facing, second-floor windows I could look down on the tops of people’s umbrellas as they walked down our street. To my great amusement, many people’s umbrellas — at least from above — do not seem to match the rest of their outfits/appearance.


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