A Willow Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I saw them again! The lovely mother and daughter from my Cat in the Hat post the other day! We were on the bus again, heading downtown. This time, the mom was doing the reading.  Her daughter was curled up against her, listening intently.  Mom was reading The Wind in the Willows. Put a smile on my face that she had chosen a classic.

The bigger smile on my face came from watching and listening to the way the mom read the story — thinking out loud after she read certain lines so that her daughter could see the way she thought about what she was reading, pausing and asking her daughter to predict what might happen next, etc.  I love how invested the mom clearly is in her daughter’s literacy, how patiently she waited for her daughter’s answers and talked through them with her, how cute they looked snuggled up together on the bus seat, deep in their story, deep in that book.

They made my morning.  And I wonder what I’ll get to hear them read next time!


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SOL image 2014


4 thoughts on “A Willow Tree Grows in Brooklyn

  1. This makes this First grade teacher (me:)) dance with delight. Literacy learning taking place in a natural and authentic way. Oh I could feel your joy of discover through both posts about this lovely mother and daughter. It made me happy, too. I am glad you noticed and then let us experience this scene as well.


    1. I can’t say how happy I was to see them again. And to see just how much reading is clearly part of their day to day. That had my heart! And I had just been talking with someone the other day about ways to model the habits of good readers, and then there she was, doing it and doing it beautifully! So excellent.


  2. Deserie Bradvica

    I so appreciated your sentence structure with the three “how…” included. Made your slice a great read. You were privileged to see that interaction! Thanks for sharing it.


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