Although I’m so tired … I’ll light another cigarette.

Well, you know, not really.  I may be pretty tired, but I don’t smoke.

In her final slice of the month, Stacey wrote about the Beatles, so how could I resist?  And this song has been a favorite of mine for years.

Somehow I have managed to find my way here every day this month.  And I’m planning to do an April poetry challenge, so it looks as though I’ll be finding my way here for another month.  Why am I so able to make this work in March and April and yet disappear so completely once my challenge months are done?

I don’t have an answer, but maybe I’ve found a solution: I’ve created a long-term challenge for myself that, if successful, will mean that my blog won’t lie fallow for months at a time.  I’m still figuring out the details, but I should be up and running once my poetry challenges winds down.

For now, though, it’s going to be all aruns all the time.  Excuse me while I go wake up my poetry brain…


Check out the last day of this year’s slicing challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

SOL image 2014

And thanks to the TWT team for getting us through this seventh challenge year!


6 thoughts on “Although I’m so tired … I’ll light another cigarette.

        1. I’m more comfortable with narratives, too, Aggie. I like the challenge of writing the poems, though. And like it even better now that I’m signed on for the daily poetry prompts from Poetic Asides!


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