With or without ripe, rain-swollen streams …

… April has arrived. That means it’s time for National Poetry Month!

As promised, my form for the month is the Arun, the form that somehow allowed itself to be created my me.  Very basic format: 15 lines, syllable count of 1/2/3/4/5 3 times.  I was writing with Naima (my Girls Write Now mentee) tonight, and struggling with today’s poem.  She read it when it was still missing its last line and said it felt like it needed something more, and wondered why I thought I only needed one more line.  I reminded her about the form, and she reminded me that I could write more than one stanza.  Oh.  Right.  So interesting how I can forget that every year.  It’s not where I needed to go tonight, but having that pulled back up to the front of my brain is super helpful!

So, tonight’s Arun:

held by fear.
But start, despite
these shadow roadblocks,
fogged windows

and padlocked doors.
Only move forward.

both hands
wide open —
reaching, ready —
heart stripped naked, clean.


Happy April, everyone!


And, because it’s Tuesday, today is also a Slice of Life day!
See the rest of today’s slices at Two Writing Teachers!

SOL image 2014


My title, of course, inspired by this bit of beauty:


7 thoughts on “With or without ripe, rain-swollen streams …

  1. I like the Arun, the sound of this one and idea of the form…hope to try it this month, but not necessarily as part of any challenge — and will definitely share it. Some days it feels like all pleasures are guilty. That’s why I’m doing SOL instead of duty posts. I’d say tomorrow is another day but it’s already today…


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