Opening New Doors

On Friday I discovered a connection between my family tree and the tree of some families I’ve never heard of.  The note on the tree said that it had last been updated a few days ago, so I figured writing to the tree’s owner might get me a response relatively quickly.  Yesterday I sent my note.  Today I got an email.

I keep saying it, but it keeps being true: this is all very strange for me.  And so strange to look at how enormous those other family groups are.  So many people on every branch.  I always think of our family as being super tiny, and we are, but that’s really only my nuclear family and my parents’ birth families.  I’ve always known that my grandparents came from quite large families.  My maternal grandmother was one of 14 children, for perfect example.  And in the last few days I’ve discovered two additional siblings of my paternal grandmother’s that I’d never heard of.  And looking at the extensive tree this maybe-not-so-distant relative of mine has put together, I see that my family is quite huge.  Stranger and stranger.

And I start to wonder what it will all mean, what it will all mean, if it will mean anything at all.

branches —
this tree grows
out and still out
live oak of family
here —
where I
thought were shrubs.
Where are the links?
Will this door open,
through dim
light to sun?
What’s real in this?
What flowers will bloom?



An Arun is a 15-line poem with the syllable count 1/2/3/4/5 — 3x.  It may be a new thing in the world, made up by me last year.  “Arun” means “five” in Yoruba.


2 thoughts on “Opening New Doors

    1. I’m surprised by how easy it’s been so far. Not that I’ve found every person I’ve looked for, or found people quickly, but the fact that I’ve found them at all really blows my mind.


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