Looking over my shoulder.

Today I slept long and late — one of the vestiges of my organization’s founding as a faith-based non-profit is that Good Friday is a holiday — and I feel like a person again.  I’m betting that I’ll feel even better on Wednesday, as I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off work and giving myself a mini-spring break.  A visit with my family is included in there, as is some quality time at the Mormon family search center.  What a surprise to find that there is a center in downtown Brooklyn.  I know there are reasons to be a little less than cheerful about the “why” of LDS interest in finding and collecting genealogical records, but I’m willing to take advantage all the same.  I think they might be the key to getting started with the slave records I need to find.  We’ll see.

the past
I’m coming.
Turning on lights,
opening windows.
One day — soon? —
the right record,
the right file box,
will unfold,
take the spotlight,
reveal me to me.

Oh. Well, I didn’t know where that was going.  And I don’t know if it’s any good … but I do know I need to use that first sentence in something, as a title for something.  I really like it.


Please consider donating to my indiegogo campaign to support my participation in the VONA Voices graphic novel workshop this summer. Thank you!


An Arun is a 15-line poem with the syllable count 1/2/3/4/5 — 3x.  It may be a new thing in the world, made up by me last year.  “Arun” means “five” in Yoruba.


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