I am beyond tired tonight. No room in my brain for lining words up one by one to say anything complex or sophisticated … or just plain coherent. Instead, I will share words found on my morning commute:

These were written large  — on a tote bag, on a subway billboard:





Dream Big (twice!)


These were from the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s new courtesy campaign:

Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride 


These were on the Poetry In Motion sign at the end of the subway car:

by Patrick Phillips

It will be the past
and we will live there together.

Not as it was to live,
but as it is remembered.

It will be the past.
We’ll all go back together.

Everyone we ever loved,
and lost, and must remember.

It will be the past.
And it will last forever.


Mmm … sigh. Look up. Time to head above ground, get to work.

Ahhh … sigh. Hit “publish.” Time to be in bed, get to sleep.

(Clearly, I was too tired last night to think of a title for the post … or to remember my Slice of Life Challenge tag!)

It’s the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by the wonderful people over at Two Writing Teachers! Every day this month, hundreds of writers will be posting their stories. Head on over and check out the other slices!

SOL image 2014



14 thoughts on “

    1. My ride is always full of so much text, Donna. I am offering pulling out my notebook or phone to jot bits of it down. I should start making some found poems from all those words!


    1. Thanks, Tara. I love that poem. I’ve been reading it for the last month or so and loving it more each time. Whoever selects the poems for transit is doing a great job!


    1. I loved that tote back. I couldn’t see the full bag, so I don’t know if “quick, curious, playful, strong” is the tag line for something or if they were just listed on a plain bag. I really loved seeing them listed so clearly.


  1. Colleen

    I hope you get a good night sleep! I am learning so much from reading everyone’s blogs. Words of beauty are all around us and you found them today.


    1. I had a great night’s sleep. Thanks, Colleen! Yes, I am always so inspired in March (when I’m well-rested enough to process information! 🙂 ) … the variety of slices is such a treasure trove!


    1. I can’t fully blame my job, Sonia. Yes, I think part of my problem yesterday was the backlog of too-few hours of sleep over the last couple of weeks … but also I kept myself up Wednesday night, determined to finish something I could easily have set aside for the weekend. My stubbornness is more the culprit than my job! 🙂


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