Just like Rory Calhoun

I did it! I got through all 24 hours of the 24 Hour Project!

Simpsons fans will know that my title means I’m standing and walking … but it’s a close thing. I am in a significant amount of pain today, and will probably need another day or two to fully recover, so completing the 24 hours was hardly a forgone conclusion. I wound up having to cheat a little — pictures from in front of my house during my first self-care pit stop, pictures from out my office window during the second pit stop … and one utterly shameless selfie.

Those pit stops saved my life, I think. Coming home to put my leg up and ice my knee got me through the whole afternoon. Stopping at my office to put my leg up and massage my knee got me through to midnight. I’ll need to think about how to build in more frequent self care next time.

My pictures are hardly award-winning. There are a few standouts, but mostly not. That said, I like all of them, and they all gave me stories to tell. Spending a full day thinking about how I take picutres, and having a few opportunities to watch my very talented friend take his pictures was great. He and I have very different styles, but I learned so much from him, even in the short time we were together.

Definitely a good day. I was able to write mini stories for most of the pictures I chose to post. I was able to meet up with five friends over the course of the day, which was great. I am trying to figure out how to share the slideshow I made of the pictures and stories, but my to0-sleepy brain isn’t quite getting there. Maybe tomorrow. You can see all of them on instagram (@girlgriot), where I’ll also be posting alternate images that didn’t make into the 24-hour stream. I’ll leave you with one of my favorites to give you an idea:


Jaime loves doing “my first cuts” best. He still remembers his own, the ritual, the respect for process and artistry. He likes passing that on to the young ones in the community.

2:05pm #NewYorkCity “Tradition” by @girlgriot as part of the #BLM247 #24hourproject #24hr15#24hr15_NewYorkCity


It’s the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by the wonderful people over at Two Writing Teachers! Every day this month, hundreds of writers will be posting their stories. Head on over and check out the other slices!

SOL image 2014


9 thoughts on “Just like Rory Calhoun

  1. this is such an amazing project, and that you got through it, with one bionic knee and another needing to be bionic knee, is even more amazing. I’m thinking that making this project from midnight to midnight almost forces it to be best suited to people under 30. For those of us over 30, and much over, why not make it noon to noon? that way you wouldn’t have a full day of fatigue behind you when you start off… because who sleeps a night’s worth before setting off at midnight?


    1. Noon to noon sounds good … but I think midnight to midnight works better in terms of momentum. Starting at midnight means the hardest part of the day comes first. If you had to do the hardest part in the middle, you might already be so tired you’d just go home. If you can get through to 6am, you’ve done the big, most problematic part, so you feel as if you can do anything. Age is no joke, though. But I think better planning could make that less of a concern.


  2. So cool friend. You always find the greatest Projects. Here’s a project called a second a day. It’s an app and you might be back to use it for this project. Of maybe just iMovie if you have a mac.


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