Ladybird House

Ladybugs are supposed to be good luck, right? Isn’t that still a thing? If so, we are steeped in luck here at our weekend getaway house. This place is overflowing with ladybugs. Ladybugs in the spice cupboard, on the windows, on the big triptych painting in the hallway, in the shower with me this morning. I do like ladybugs, and it’s true that I’d be having a very different reaction if we were rich in palmetto bugs or spiders, but it’s also true that there are just a few too many of these little critters flying around here.

Our retreat is coming to a close. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be up pre-dawn to head for the train into Manhattan, and that will be the end of my time in this cozy house with these lovely people. This has been a great time, and I’m glad we’re already looking ahead to planning the next one.

This ladybug house was definitely good luck for me. Now will come the true test of building this time for writing into my day-to-day life.

It’s the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by the wonderful people over at Two Writing Teachers! Every day this month, hundreds of writers will be posting their stories. Head on over and check out the other slices!

SOL image 2014


12 thoughts on “Ladybird House

  1. The “ladybug house”…I love it! It sounds very romantic and whimsical, but I can imagine that bugs of any kind would get a old after awhile! I hope you trip home goes well and you are filled with fun memories of your getaway for a long time!


    1. Thanks! I felt that having such limited connectivity impacted how I could say the things I wanted to say. Those super-short posts from the trip feel like me and don’t feel like me. I’m glad you liked my voice here!


    1. I want to see that story when it’s done, Sonia! I was never that kid. I know other people did that — lady bugs, lightning bugs — but that was never my thing. I did collect monarch caterpillars and put them in big jars with stalks of milkweed so we could watch them turn into butterflies, but that’s really it for me and the bugs.


  2. I’m sure there were not any where near as many ladies in your Ladybug House as in my exaggerated imagination. I like they are tokens of good luck and hope that means much of it is indeed headed you way.


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