And the Beat Goes On

The drumbeat of VONA love, that is. Somehow managed to rouse myself at 5:30 this morning, get to the train station, get back into the city, and get to work. I was running on the high of having had a great weekend with my writer friends, but I was exhausted. Got through the day, though a few times this afternoon, there was no guarantee.

And then I came home. I came home and found in my mailbox some VONA love sent all the way from California: a comic about race, stereotypes, and prejudice sent by a friend from last summer’s excellent graphic novel workshop. Because of VONA I know her. Because of VONA, she saw that indie comic and thought of me. The ripples keep spreading,VONA just keeps feeding me.

This weekend I started working on a comic, which not only made me happy but also helped me see how to get out of my way and get to work. Receiving this gift comic in the mail is another welcome spur. It’s amazing to me how easily I slip back into my decades-long lack of faith in my abilities, how regulary I have to talk myself around to trying, to putting something on the page. That’s the other drumbeat that, unfortunately, also goes on. And it’s usually much louder, much steadier than any other. I suppose this guarantees that I’m in no danger of becoming cocky and annoying … but it also means I need to stay vigilant, keep a sharp eye out for creeping self-doubt. Otherwise, I wind up spending far too much time keeping myself from my work and from the pleasure doing the work gives me.

I’m feeling full-up on love tonight, full of ideas. And for now, I’m going to ride that. See how far I get.

It’s the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by the wonderful people over at Two Writing Teachers! Every day this month, hundreds of writers will be posting their stories. Head on over and check out the other slices!

SOL image 2014


2 thoughts on “And the Beat Goes On

  1. Yes, the beat goes on, but as long as you remember you’re the one in charge of this drum you’ll be just fine.

    And in a complete non-sequitur of sorts, I have both The Whispers and Sonny & Cher going through my head now – gee thanks. 🙂


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