Mitochondrial DNA. A line snaking backward through history. A filament so fine it can only just be sourced, followed, tagged. There are stories passed along — this great-great was the first to live in New Orleans, that great-great remembered emancipation. But the thread is deeper, truer. No anecdotes for padding, no facts embellished and rearranged by the telephone game of time. Only the precision of biological markers riding a double helix trail back and further back. History in a test tube. A glittering line. To origin. Home.

Feh. Just not feeling as inpired, and I need at least a little of that if I hope to get anything decent written.

What’s that you say? Oh no, you’re wrong there. I’m sure it has nothing  to do with the fact that I’m home late every night, and never have time to work on anything. Nothing at all.

As I did last year, I’ll be following along with the Poem-A-Day challenge at Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog. Today’s prompt is to write a science poem. You can post your daily poems on Brewer’s page. The top poem from each day will be included in an anthology later this year!


Are you writing poems this month? Where can I see them? Let’s share this craziness!


One thought on “Bloodline

  1. Hmm what are anyone’s biological markers after millenniums of cross-breeding on this earth. Theologically speaking, we’re made in His image – the ultimate biological marker, but what does He look like?


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