Movement in the Moment

Call This a Moment

We’re here. And your miscounting, mis-naming, misdirecting will not send us home. We’re here. And your distorted information won’t silence us. We’re here. And we know you’re afraid. That’s not our concern. You’ll have to find your way through. We’re here. And we’re about our own business … even as we make it your business. You can call this a moment. Say that week after week, month after month. Act as if you believe it. Are you surprised? After all the bodies you’ve left in the street, can you be surprised? All those bodies, all those bodies, all those bodies. Throw up your hands. Clutch your pearls. Call this a moment. Your denial cannot turn us, cannot quiet us, cannot soften us, cannot diminish us, cannot erase us. We’re here.

As I did last year, I’ll be following along with the Poem-A-Day challenge at Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog. Today’s prompt is to write a “moment” poem. You can post your daily poems on Brewer’s page. The top poem from each day will be included in an anthology later this year!


Are you writing poems this month? Where can I see them?
Let’s share this craziness!


Your turn ...

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