My Story on Stage, Redux — SOLSC 9

I tossed this out yesterday without any explication, so I’m filling in that blank today. I’ll be telling a story — a longer, more involved, less artfully-resolved story than the Listen to Your Mother story — to a live audience later this month as part of the How to Build a Fire series. As noted yesterday, I’ve added, “Prepare a story to tell at HTBAF on the 31st,” to my list of writing deadlines for this month. I’ll also need to add, “Get comfortable enough with the HTBAF story that you can tell it without any notes,” to the list, because this series is all about the storytellers being “off book.” I love that, but it’s also a little (a LOT) nervous-making.

And, looking at yesterday’s writing deadline list, I realize I left off a couple of items:

  • Write a story to submit for the Girls Write Now annual anthology.
  • Work with my GWN mentee to revise her poems for both the anthology and the GWN reading.

Happily, I completed the first one yesterday and the second one this morning, but they should still go on the list (if only to give me the satisfaction of being able to cross them off the list!).

It’s week two of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! Head over to Two Writing Teachers to see what the rest of the slicers are up to … and to post the link to yourown slice!

SOL image 2014


10 thoughts on “My Story on Stage, Redux — SOLSC 9

    1. Thanks, Ramona. I know the Listen to Your Mother story will be filmed and will go up on You Tube. I’ll surely cross-post it here … and probably on a slice-of-life Tuesday so folks will see it! 🙂

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  1. I love your adding items to your list that you have just completed to you can cross them off. I am also a list girl — my problem is then looking at my list to actually see what I have to do.


    1. I just have to include all the items, even the done-already ones. That way, when I look back at the list, I can feel really productive — look at all those things crossed off!


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