My Story on Stage, Part the Third — SOLSC 10

“Part the Third” because writing out  my March deadline list on Tuesday and adding to it yesterday reminded me that my list is still not complete! On Tuesday I mentioned that I’ve read several times over the last two years as part of a great series. How could I then forget to add this month’s reading to my deadline list?

The series is called Big Words, Etc. and each reading has theme chosen by the audience at the previous reading. I don’t remember what the other theme choices were at January’s reading. One of them was the one I voted for. I didn’t vote for the winning theme — Schadenfreude (taking pleasure in the misfortune of others) — because I knew I couldn’t write anything for that topic. I’m much more of a Weltschmerz girl.

I thought I knew the definition of Weltschmerz — feeling sadness for the world. That’s correct, but I think the more specific definition actually suite me much more exactly: depression caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.

Yeah. Little did I know just how much of a Weltschmerz girl I really am.

No Schadenfreude for me, thank you very much. When Schadenfreude won the vote in January, I knew that meant I wouldn’t be reading. I just don’t do Schadenfreude.

… Or maybe, on second thought …

Something happened, a news item greeted me one morning and I found myself feeling … well, I didn’t know what, exactly. I listened to follow up reports on this story, and the feeling returned. It wasn’t the anger I’ve become so familiar with these last couple of years, wasn’t despair …

Hold up! Could this be the fabled Schadenfreude?

Yes, in fact. There I was, feeling some pleasure in another’s misfortune. What do you know.

I’ll leave you to guess what news story it was that introduced me to this new feeling (and I’ll cross-post my story here after I’ve written it and read it at Big Words). Have you ever felt Schadenfreude? What brought it on? How did you feel about feeling it? Did it surprise you? Once you felt it for the first time, did it start creeping in more and more?

It’s week two of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! Head over to Two Writing Teachers to see what the rest of the slicers are up to … and to post the link to your own slice!

SOL image 2014

10 thoughts on “My Story on Stage, Part the Third — SOLSC 10

  1. I have a nemesis I think. I don’t think I could wish evil upon her. Ok, so I’ve tried, and it doesn’t make me feel good. So, no schadenfreude for me. But it’s a great word and so is Weltschmerz.


    1. Yes,this is exactly my concern with schadenfreude. In the story I’m going to write for Big Words, I’m not sure how I’m going to talk about that part of it. I definitely started with some giddy, serves-you-right pleasure … but it was so short-lived. Maybe there needs to be a new word, schadenfreude for the people who take real pleasure in others’ misfortune and then some new word for those of us who want to take pleasure but just end up feeling bad about it. Maybe the German’s can help us again.


    1. I’m not a driver, so I haven’t really noticed those moments, but I think I would definitely have some schadenfreude for that person. The words are kind of great, aren’t they? I don’t know the origin of schadenfreude, but weltschmerz is simply a compound word, “welt” is “world” and “schmerz” is “pain.”


  2. I don’t know. When something bad like that crops up, I try to kill it. Mainly because I have a very readable face, so for me, it’s better to drop nasty than to get wrinkles or you-know-what-face.

    lol yep.


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