Friend Date — SOLSC 14

My friend Mopsy and I used to work together. For eleven years. But not any more. For almost two years (is it already that long?!) we haven’t been co-workers, haven’t had offices right next door to one another, haven’t shared late nights writing grant proposals or car rides downtown.

We are still friends, of course. But it’s different now that we don’t see each other nearly every day. I miss her. Miss having our different perspectives on the same work stories, miss seeing her practically every day.

But we are in book group together. We shared a concert subscription at Carnegie Hall last season (we still have our Yo Yo Ma concert to look forward to!). We take the occasional road trip. We text and talk.

I still miss her.

My schedule has been ridiculously full for months, and when I haven’t been busy, well, I’ve mostly been sleeping. Last night, Mopsy and I were texting about choices for book group. I looked at my calendar and saw — shock! — three free nights this week. I suggested coffee, Mopsy suggested tonight. We were on.

So we had an impromptu friend date — too short by half, but excellent all the same.

This was a good reminder for me. I don’t have a lot of time, but I have enough time. I don’t have to have hours and hours free in order to schedule a get together. I can meet for coffee, for tea. I can meet for a little while, keep my Friendship Well full.

How do you juggle all of your everything and still get to see your friends? Do you have some time management tips you can share?


It’s Pi Day! I wanted to walk up to Tribeca’s Kitchen for some apple pie to honor the occasion, but the cold, wind, and rain had other plans for me. So I went savory instead of sweet on the pie front — a couple of slices of fresh mozzarella pizza! How did you play with Pi today?

We’ve reached Pi Day of the 2016 edition of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! Head over to Two Writing Teachers to see what the rest of the slicers are up to … and to post the link to your own slice!

SOL image 2014


10 thoughts on “Friend Date — SOLSC 14

  1. I think I probably have more time than you do but I still don’t manage to make the friend dates that I should. But I enjoy them as much as you do, like the one you describe here. Pi day hunh, I wasn’t paying attention. Oops


    1. It’s so important to make time for those friend dates, busy or not busy. I really needed the reminder of how easy it can be to make something happen, that it doesn’t have to be a big, serious, complete-with-an-event outing to satisfy my need to reconnect.


  2. i don’t have any time management tips, in fact, i could use any that you get. and I am just as in need of friend dates as you are, and need to get to work on that too. I am glad that you got your friend date last night. And pi day, I completely forgot — I will have to put that into my calendar for next year.


  3. Even in marriages, families, and other intimacies where you live in cross proximity with someone, this can happen. Running in circles and doing drive-bys while living in the same household, hm?

    Wow, thanks for the reminder! And being so honest — wonderful post.

    Thank you!


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