Unexpected Pi(e)

For the first time in … ever … I made a pie to honor the day. Our storm that turned out not to be a blizzard meant I had to work with what I had in the house, so no apples, no berries, no any of the kinds of pie I might actually have imaged myself making. No. But I did make that pumpkin soup not long ago, and I still had a can of pumpkin, so …

Happy Pi Day, everyone !

10 thoughts on “Unexpected Pi(e)

    1. I’m glad I baked … but next year I’ll be more prepared, have apples or berries in the house! I loved your blizzard project. Your fort and book-reading with Isabelle make me smile every time I think about them! 🙂

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    1. My crust was photogenic, but not great. I used puff pastry because I had some in the freezer. Turns out, I don’t care for puff pastry! Next time, I’ll make a real crust. 🙂


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