Happy, Nappy, Proud

Today’s feature on Wendy Angulo Productions’ Lifting the Burden of Shame series is my essay, “Happy, Nappy, Proud.” And I’m super proud of that!

I learned some things about myself in writing this essay. Thinking about shame pushing open a door in my thinking, and I’ve continued to explore what’s been locked away in that room. Will be interesting to see what new understanding comes from that exploration/excavation.

2 thoughts on “Happy, Nappy, Proud

  1. Such an excellent essay, full of hard truths, exposing paths many of us have or still travel in our hair journeys.

    “If you don’t know this, I’m not sure where you’ve been”

    Woman, the cluelessness of what we go through with our respective ‘do abounds. Those rocks some live under are massive.


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