Wintry Mix

Folks are gearing up for a snowstorm tomorrow, an early March, last-gasp-of-winter storm that is apparently a puzzle for forecasters. The severity of the storm changes by the minute, from mild to miserable and back again.

I didn’t stop in a grocery store tonight, but I’m sure they’re all full of people busy apocalypse-shopping, buying all the water, milk, bread, and meat they can carry. I am a lousy storm-prep shopper, so I just came straight home. Besides, I did my regular grocery shopping on Sunday, and — even though I shopped before I knew a storm was coming — my larder is pretty full.

Why do we panic-shop before storms? I would understand this impulse if I lived in a rural community or some little way off the grid. A serious storm could leave me isolated for an indefinite period of time. But I live in Brooklyn. I cannot at all imagine a storm severe enough to cut me off from all services and supports for more than a day or two.

I still have no idea what to expect tomorrow. We had a gloriously bright, sunny day today. Cloudless skies. Cold, but without the smell of snow in the air. Despite the inconvenience a major storm would be — making me walk with fear as I try to get around with falling and damaging my newly-repaired shoulder — I will admit to wishing for the worst, the full 12 inches the meteorologists warned us about in their most dire forecasts. We’ve had a pretty mild winter, and I miss the drama of a real storm.

It’s the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers! With hundreds of folks participating, there’s more than a little something for everyone … and plenty of room for you to join in!

12 thoughts on “Wintry Mix

  1. Jeremy Kautz

    I love your style in writing. The reflections on society are well, awesome. The image you paint with your words describing Apocalypse shopping hit the nail on the head.

    I too regret lacking a normal winter. Bring on the storms!


    1. Thanks, Jeremy. I grew up in northern New York, and lots of snow was the norm, usually starting before Thanksgiving. I haven’t lived in such a snowy place in many years, and I don’t know that I’d want that level of storminess back in my life, but a few good ones every winter would make me happy. 🙂


    1. We did! Not as many inches in my part of the region as everyone feared, but it was a pretty storm. Some folks not far from here were really hit hard, including loss of power. So I may wish for a big storm, but I should also remember that they carry some heavy consequences.

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  2. lvahey

    If your fridge is full AND you get 12 inches of snow, I hope you also have a shelf full of books to read tomorrow as you look out the window and stay safely inside!


  3. Great question. I figure I’m about the same. I avoid the stores actually when store are coming! I do love the imagery you’ve got going here – that last gasp of winter storm; the whole first paragraph is just perfect.


    1. My brain just doesn’t think in storm prep. It never occurs to me that I’ll be stuck for any serious length of time without access to resources. I have this luxury specifically because of where I live. I’ll have to learn to think differently if I ever realize my dream of living in a smaller, much less grid-connected place.

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  4. I semi-jokingly call the emergency milk, eggs, bread grocery purchases the French Toast run. Those are the things that fly off the shelf fastest. Like you, for those of us in a metropolis, I don’t get it.

    PS: Bless you for the use of “Larder”. I said it a couple of weeks ago to blank stares and the mental sounds of crickets.


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