A Place to Write

I spent a chunk of time over the weekend sorting my receipts and getting everything in order for my upcoming sit-down with my tax guy. One of the things that stood out for me was the number of receipts from a particular coffee shop.

I wouldn’t say the place is my favorite coffee shop of all time, but it’s a good spot, and I have always been able to get work done there. A writer friend introduced me 5 years ago, and I’ve had scores of writing dates there as well as plenty of solo writing time.

I’ll surely find my way back to that place every now and then, but I realized that it can’t be my place anymore, not my go-to coffee spot. It’s much too far from my new apartment for that.

So I need to find another place. I’ve checked out a couple of the spots between my house and the subway, but neither works. Both are very clearly designed for a grab-and-go crowd rather than a sit-for-hours-staring-at-the-blank-page group.

Exploring my new neighborhood is tops on my to-do list for spring, and finding my new go-to coffee shop is definitely part of the reason for that. Curious to see what I’ll find …

It’s the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers! With hundreds of folks participating, there’s more than a little something for everyone … and plenty of room for you to join in!

10 thoughts on “A Place to Write

  1. Dianne

    Must be exciting to get to explore a new neighborhood/city! Perhaps branch out and look for spots that aren’t necessarily coffee shops? Donut shop? Library? Park bench? Good luck finding “your spot”!


  2. notthewholestory

    It’s funny that until this “Slice” challenge, I have not been good AT ALL at sitting my butt in the chair and writing. Writing is something that would succumb to all the other demands in my life, namely weekend grading. I always pictured myself taking my laptop to a charming coffee shop and ceremoniously sitting down with a nice mug of chai and writing my little heart out, while I lost track of time. Well, it’s not been at all romantic, but I’ve been sitting my arse on this damned uncomfortable futon every day of the challenge and getting things done. This is not to say that your piece does not completely remind me of all my pretty little notions of what a real writer does. I think I’ll start looking for that perfect coffee shop tomorrow…thanks for your slice!


    1. Glad you liked it. I certainly have my own sack full of “pretty little notions of what a real writer does.” I try very hard to keep that out of my sight and out of my way! I’m not always successful, but I try. Writing with my friends — because it gets me working rather than thinking about working — is a good way to keep all that “real writer” nonsense shut down! 🙂

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  3. I like the way a simple observation turned into a full fledged reflection and then a look forward. Of course I’d love to really know what your old place and new place are like – but in the end, it is enough that I visualize “my place” and wonder what might be my “new place” if I was in your shoes.


    1. I spotted a place that I definitely need to try. It’s only a couple of blocks from my apartment, which could be perfect. It looked a little more like a sit-down-and-hang-out place than the others I’ve seen so far. We’ll see …

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  4. Finding just the writing place coffee shop is a most agreeable quest. There aren’t many coffee shops in this small town. The one I’d want to write in is a bit too much of a hike hauling a laptop for someone with breathing issues. I usually settle for a lap table on my bed, feet up or Ikea mini-desktop at couch, with back rest cushion, also feet up. Good price on coffee and tea though.

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