My phone knows.

I think my phone knows that I’ve pre-ordered the new model. This is the only way I can explain its sudden decision to stop sending texts when I ask it to, to stop charging when I plug it in, to stop letting me download pictures and documents.

I’ve had this phone a long time. The phone that will be arriving at my door in a few days is three generations newer. I was determined not to let a pesky thing like built-in obsolescence force me to buy a new phone every 12-18 months. Besides, my phone was working just fine. Or, mostly fine. Until it caught wind of my betrayal. Now it seems bound and determined to make me sorry in these last few days. Sigh.

And I am duly sorry. My old phone has served me well. So sure, I’m sorry … and really looking forward to unboxing the new model and setting it up. More storage and a better camera just in time for this year’s 24 Hour Project!

Is this new phone season for you, too? I’ll admit, I’d be more excited if the cost of a new phone wasn’t practically the same as my rent!

It’s March, so it’s the Slice of Life Story Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers! Twelve years and going stronger than ever. Click over to read a few slices, see what that eclectic group of bloggers is up to. And maybe write some slices of your own this month!


12 thoughts on “My phone knows.

  1. notthewholestory

    Oh my god. Don’t they always sense our betrayal? How dare we trade up for the newer model? I really can relate to this line: “I was determined not to let a pesky thing like built-in obsolescence force me to buy a new phone every 12-18 months.” Your old phone totally knows what 3 generations can do. You better keep them far away from one another. 😉


      1. notthewholestory

        Hahahaha! That reminds me of some creepy movie I saw when I was young about a little girl who got a new doll. The old doll beat her up on the stairs. I’ve been traumatized ever since! Sorry to pass it along! 😉


  2. Love it when pieces of technology are personified, mind you my phone is not being upgraded (it’s a hand me down from my daughter) and it still does perverse things at any time of the day, particularly when I’m in a hurry to upload something or text someone.
    Beautifully described! Hope you love the new one and it appreciates your love!


  3. I am not sure but it’s a little creepy how it knows your loyalty line. I’m not a fan of the 12-18 mo turn over timing so I keep and keep and keep. When I switched to 7, I only did because of the battery dying. Great personification!


  4. I never get a new phone until the phone company starts offering me free phones! I have upgraded needlessly 3 times, always for free. (Now my children can use them as iPods!) I’m always a generation or 2 behind, but I’m included to competition in general.


    1. I figure staying a few generations behind makes the expense of the phone less hideous, as if it has really “paid for itself” if I can get it to last three times longer than the manufacturer builds it to last!


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