Cranky Pants and Pink Shoelaces

(a polka-dot vest and man oh man …)

I’m actually not so cranky, but I scolded myself earlier for my cranky response to something, and immediately this song was in my head, and the title wasn’t far behind.

This silly song is older than I am, but I remember it getting a significant amount of airtime when I was growing up … further evidence that the sleepy town I grew up in was caught in a 1950s timewarp.

Other songs whose steady rotation during my childhood confirmed for me our firm position in that timewarp:

  • “Beep Beep,” the Little Nash Rambler song
  • “Peggy Sue”
  • “Wake Up, Little Susie”
  • “Greenfields”
  • “Chances Are”
  • “That’ll Be the Day”
  • “Be-Bop-A-Lula”

(That this is my post for today tells you how sleepy I am.)

It’s March, so it’s the Slice of Life Story Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers! Twelve years and going stronger than ever. Click over to read a few slices, see what that eclectic group of bloggers is up to. And maybe write some slices of your own this month!



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