Oh, it’s March, is it?

Whew! Time to air things out around here, get out the duster and the vacuum, clear out the cobwebs! It’s that time of year when I suddenly show up daily in this space, and I am definitely not ready!

But, ready or not, the daily challenge is upon us! So get ready, friends. The slicing, she has commenced!

This morning, I was trying to be very serious and focused during a conference call for one of the boards I sit on. Trying. But I was utterly distracted by the not-in-any-way-common sound of a marching band outside my window. I know, it’s March first, and maybe someone was being cute about it, but a marching band?! They never came close enough for me to see what was going on, but they made for a full-on distraction from my meeting … and a perfect tidbit to start this month’s challenge.

It’s March, which means it’s time for the
13th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!
Curious? Head on over to Two Writing Teachers
and see what the rest of this year’s slicers are up to.
Or … it’s not too late to join in!

Original Slicer - GirlGriot

19 thoughts on “Oh, it’s March, is it?

    1. maureen hossbacher

      It’s March — St. Patrick’s month, silly. Wiht all theparades giong on, stray bands are liable to pop up anywhere.


  1. Reminds me a poem I memorized as a child:
    “A parade is jolly fun,
    the drums go rum-tum-tum
    and marching feet
    down the street
    keep in time
    with every beat.”
    Nothing beats a parade and the marching feet that keep time for us.
    Hard to see there are almost 200 slicers this year, and know I won’t be able to comment on very many. But a few names stick out. I’m still using your book that I won in the 2014 SOL Challenge. It’s filled with words and poems from fellow slicers. And once in awhile, I still write an arun!


  2. maureen hossbacher

    It’s March — St. Patrick’s month, silly. With all the parades going on, stray bands are liable to pop up anywhere.


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