The shock of the mundane.

So much going on today, so many people trying to find their way with all the craziness we’re caught up in with this pandemic. I had a long and stressful day at work — working and also setting up to work from home, which I’ll be doing starting tomorrow — came home to an evening meeting (on Zoom), only to have to duck out of it because the ceiling in my kitchen started leaking.

I was ready for so many things today:

  • I installed a bunch of those bulb thingies in my work plants so they can self-water. I ordered them last week when I knew we were about to start working from home. I can’t bring all of my office plants home, so they need to shelter in place in my office. This way, I can leave them and only have to check on them once every week to 10 days.
  • I had a slew of meetings around implementing the contingency plans we came up with last week.
  • I made sure I’d be able to get my team paid without having to be in the office.
  • I put out a couple of stress-induced fires.
  • I canceled some appointments, the better to facilitate my social distancing.
  • I washed my hands. A lot.

I put in a solid 10-hour day. I felt pretty productive. I felt pretty capable.

And then I was totally thrown by a leak. I mean, a leak is never fun, but it’s pretty regular. I’ve had any number of leaks, so many that I feel they are the particular curse I bring with me to each new home I live in. But tonight, I just couldn’t. I had fully exhausted my ability to be calm and capable in the face of a challenge. I just stood and stared at all that water, listened to it rain down over my freshly-washed dishes. I was undone.

Okay, that didn’t last forever. My brain snapped back into position, and I set about stemming the flood and calling the super and cleaning. It’s just really interesting to me that something so basic, so everyday, was the thing that flummoxed me, that almost made me lose my … ahem … ish.

And it’s only day one, friends. How are you doing? How ready are you for these sweeping lockdowns? Wishing us all well in the time of COVID19.

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12 thoughts on “The shock of the mundane.

  1. Thank you for helping me feel normal! I completed a lot of work on my computer today — sitting. This is not a norm for me. Feeling as if I was losing my “ish” or coming “undone” happened multiple times today. I did bounce back. I hope your day goes well tomorrow! Your plants should love the water bulbs. 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tonya! I suspect we all have lots of moments in store when we’ll feel as if we’re coming undone! Here’s hoping we can bring ourselves through. And thanks for the good wishes for my greenery!


  2. I’m in a 24/7/366 agency and I’m the Continuity of Operational Procedures for my unit. This is part of what I’ve trained for. Unless mass transit itself shuts down I’m in the office for the foreseeable future.


    1. I’ve been thinking about you today. Friends in other agency offices are being set up to work from home. Others are in the same situation you’re in. And yes, it’s what you’ve trained for, but it’s still a lot to ask of you. Sending you love, my friend. ❤

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  3. I’ve already prepared for my “lockdown” about 2 weeks ago. Nancy had full replacement surgery on Wed the 11th — so I was already overstocked with food and other preparations. But I hadn’t prepared myself for the possibility of having to work from home — so all my “productive” stuff is in my office — and not getting a lot of info or support from my boss to access it.. so I’m trying to relax and let it be.
    And it’s odd — there are so many projects and activities here in my home that I want to prioritize and do — but between TV and governor’s updates, worry, exhaustion, caring for my wife (and myself) — well, those possibilities are just. still. siting. there.
    Still trying to adjust to the “new normal.”


    1. I’m glad you and Nancy are well-stocked! And I’m sending Nancy all the recuperation vibes. I hope she’ll be able to do PT even during this time of social-distancing. PT is everything!

      As for not getting to the projects … it sounds to me like you’re getting to all the right things. ❤


  4. We’re good at managing stress, but when it comes in a tidal wave…so hard! I can relate to the feeling of having one last thing, manageable in its own but not when it’s the last straw. Hopefully we all get a break soon.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa. Yes, I’m hoping that once we’ve settled into whatever this new phase is going to be that we’ll all have a chance to relax our shoulders and breathe deeply.


  5. Amanda Regan

    Great title and I love the part about your office plants needing to “shelter in place.” These are crazy times we’re living through. Today was my second day of online learning with my class. I don’t remember when I’ve spent so much time in front of a computer. I’m finding it to be exhausting. I hope your leak got fixed!


    1. Hi, Amanda, and thanks for reading! Today, my work at home was accompanied by the sound of the repairs in the apartment above me where the pipe burst on Monday. It was LOUD … but I’m glad it’s fixed. 🙂


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