Clean up in aisle two …

I’ve been working from home. I’ve been putting together distance learning plans. I’ve been listening to the news. I’ve been talking about the pandemic. I’ve been looking at articles about doomsday hoarders. I’ve been looking at people’s pics of the chaos in their stores. I’ve been seeing my neighbors swaddled in face masks and blue nitrile gloves.

What I’m saying is that I haven’t been asleep. I’ve been fully aware of the state we’re in.

But … It seems I wasn’t really aware, wasn’t really paying attention, not real attention.

Today when I took a break for lunch (I finally remembered to take a break for lunch!), I thought, “Oh, let me just place a grocery order.” I’m not out of anything, just figured I’d set up a delivery for early next week so I wouldn’t have to think about it.

(And yes, I’m a person who gets her groceries delivered. Neither of my “neighborhood” grocery stores is in walking distance of my house, and the cost of getting Peapod to come to my door is about the same as getting a cab home from either market. I don’t think I would have become a gets-her-groceries-delivered person if I hadn’t torn my rotator cuff in late 2017. Rolling into 2018 not being able to use my left arm for anything and knowing I was going to be even less able in the immediate aftermath of the fix-it-up surgery I had planned was what introduced me to Peapod in the first place. I’ve been a devotee ever since.)

Yeah, so I went on the Peapod site. There’s a pop-up message warning of diminished delivery options and the new COVID-conscious ability to have “contact-less delivery” and what-all. I clicked past it and filled my cart. Then I went to check out.

And discovered that there are no delivery days or times available before some time in April.


Yes, every delivery slot was sold out, and the customer service line is down because everyone’s been sent home to shelter in place.


Oh, you mean all this pandemic stuff is impacting my life, too? Really? Oh.

Yes, I am this ridiculous. Apparently.


I finished working around 6 tonight and figured I go to my favorite of the two stores in my area. I took a cab because … well, because I’m obviously a pampered little so-and-so. The driver and I talked about what his work week has been like — awful, hardly any fares 😦 — and then I went into the store … to find it almost completely picked-over bare.

I didn’t take pictures because we’ve all seen the pictures. I mean, I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve talked about the pictures. But I’d also been to the store as recently as last Friday, and the store was totally full of food, was totally fine. What a difference a week makes.

I kept wheeling my cart through the aisles, looking, thinking surely I’d find some little something to bring home. And yes, I did find a few things to bring home. But not the things I had on my shopping list. No yellow or orange peppers, no bananas, no grapefruit, no honey-wheat pretzel twists, no hummus, no Chobani Key Lime Crumble yogurt, no, no, no, no. no.

(Don’t be alarmed: my house is full of food. Full. You know, of food I actually have to put some effort into preparing, as opposed to food I can just unpackage and eat. I’ll be just fine.)

But, yeah. In the last few days, the craziness came right up to my door and swept past me in a tidal wave, and I was so busy navel gazing that I didn’t notice.

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12 thoughts on “Clean up in aisle two …

  1. Oh my goodness, I can connect. I feel like we all have had our, “wait a minute…this is actually going to affect me too?” moments! It is shocking how it is impacting literally EVERYONE! It truly is unfathomable.
    I love the term navel gazing you use in your slice! That made me laugh!


    1. woaca2008

      OMG! It’s amazing how the reality of certain events doesn’t fully register until you see it with your own eyes. Did you see the op-Ed in the Times Thursday about a group who had just ended their three weeks of rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon a couple of days ago and didn’t believe the tour person who told them what was going on? They were really navel gazing.


  2. This has me thinking about the effect it will have in me! I’ve been happily staying at home – haven’t been to a store since Saturday.

    Did you go ahead and book the grocery delivery for April? Maybe the cab ride will be a welcome interaction by then.


  3. I had a similar rude awakening last weekend. Last weekend, I went to the grocery store, and it was fine. Seven days later- no meat, not much produce, no bread, no cleaning products. And I was absolutely stunned. Hoping it will be a little better!


  4. It is really amazing to read all these comments. I’m so sorry you had to take a cab though – I feel so spoiled to both have a car and live within walking distance of 2 fairly good sized markets.


  5. I wish 1 – Fresh Direct and such delivered to my neighborhood. 2 – I could trust others to hand pick my produce or meat. First bag or overripe or otherwise past its prime anything I’ve already paid for I would be pissed. 3 – if all I can do is go to the local stores – I’ll take it. Teleconferencing is fine, but I’ll always want some in your actual face time. That being said I get what you’re saying – sometimes when the fence that is on fire in another’s back yard -over there- we don’t always notice until we realize that the fence burning on that side is attached to our own.


    1. I struggle with letting other people pick my produce. I tend to only allow Peapod to bring me things like potatoes, onions, garlic, lemons. I like to make choices of other fruits and vegetables, so I get delivery and then go to the store for those other things. Of course now I’m just at the mercy of wherever I can find the groceries. I’ll be walking up the street to the produce market in Chinatown this week, hoping they’ll still be stocked!

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