The Cure for Cabin Fever

(I just keep hearing the Styx song, “Too Much Time on My Hands” …)

The folks who work at the management company for my apartment building may have watched or read The Shining recently. They’re worried about all of us cooped up in our apartments day after day, slowly losing our minds.

How do I know? They sent out an email yesterday: “At Home Activities List for Residents.” This email is HUGE, full to bursting with ways to use your “corona-cation.” So many kinds of time-drainers, organized into categories like cooking, reading, games cleaning, crafting, creating … and on and on and on. There are activities for kids, ideas of things to do with your pets, online fitness classes, series to stream …

They are worried! They want to keep us focused and sane. No “Here’s Johnny!” meltdowns for us!

I can’t be mad at that. But I’m amused.


Meanwhile, we seem to be pretty okay so far. Thank goodness, since these few days are just the opening beats of a long, complicated symphony. We’ve got several intricate movements to get through.

Today I went for a walk. A zoom meeting I had at lunchtime was canceled, so I took advantage of my surprise freedom and got out into the sunshine. It was lovely.

I walked up the hill to the park, then down the much steeper side of the hill to the grocery store (this is the second of my two grocery stores, not the store I visited last week, the one that was in apocalypse mode). And the store pleased me by having most of what I looked for, particularly toilet paper … not a lot of it, but some, and no one was fighting anyone else to get at it. None of my yogurts of choice, however. Sad times.

After the groceries, I walked a few blocks down … to. the. liquor. store … and picked up a couple of bottles of wine. Finally, my house is fully prepared for lockdown.

I’m glad I went out. it was only an hour out of the house, but it was welcome. It was great to feel the sun on my face, great to see just how carefully so many of my neighbors are observing the PAUSE. Good on them. Good on all of them. Grammarly says my writing in this post is mostly sad and gloomy. I don’t see that. I see caring in that comical email from the management company. I see pleasure in my walk in the sun. I see appreciation in my gratitude for my neighbors not being out on the street. Yes, all of that. Something else for me to remember: get out of the house! Go be in the sun for a few minutes. Be socially-distant but also breath fresh air.


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10 thoughts on “The Cure for Cabin Fever

  1. I’m glad you had a cancelation and got out! I picked up some wine from my corner store too! I’ve figured out a walk that gets me 1000 steps in about 20-25 minutes. I didn’t do it today but tomorrow is another day!


    1. The walk was so nice. I’m going to try one in a different direction tomorrow. I’ve been on my stationary bike to make up for the fact that I’m not out walking, but it’s really not the same!


  2. Cyndi

    Hemingway App doesn’t judge emotions in writing, but it definitely dislikes passive voice. IBM’s Personality Insights demo can offer interesting analysis.

    Today I escaped for the first time to do laundry and practice gratitude outdoors: for tulips growing taller, hydrangea sprouting leaves, and neighbors staying home to keep us all safe.


    1. I noticed that the forsythia are starting to bloom … forsythia have always been my favorite harbinger of spring. I was happy to see them, but it also made me sad to think about how many of those pretty harbingers I’m missing.


  3. This sounds like a lovely break in the middle of a busy day. I am really appreciative of your post this morning because I had just doused myself in the morning news, which is all horrible, and your post reminded me that I can go outside, there will be sunshine, I can walk and move, I can enjoy the little things. I think it’s very sweet that the management company sent a list of activities!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad my walk helped you think about stepping outside. And yes, real effort went into that email, and that shows caring. I’ve already taken a couple of suggestions from the list! 🙂


  4. I went to the office yesterday and getting that breath of fresh air is right! Being out in the sun, restoring some of that Vitamin D was wonderful. Offering ideas to keep one sane was really great was a wonderful thought from your building management company.


    1. The picture I showed you all that I’d hung on my wall today was a task inspired by that list: change a bit of decor in your room and make it seem fresh! It was great to have a zoom meetup with you tonight, my friend!!


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