Wrong Number

My doorbell rings through my phone. I can talk to whoever’s downstairs, and I can buzz them in. Or not. It’s a system that works more than it doesn’t.

I just noticed I had a missed call and a voicemail. When I looked at the message, it was a call from “Doorbell.” When I played it back, it was a woman telling me to stop playing with her, that she knew her man was up here, that he was always up here, and she was sick of it.

Okay, so a wrong number. I mean, unless her man has been living his life as my cat for the last 13 years, he’s for-sure not here. I’ve certainly had people ring my doorbell looking for someone who isn’t me. I’ve never had anyone leave me a pissed off voice message through my doorbell, however. A first time for everything, I guess.

So what is this woman doing now? Did she just leave her message and head home, satisfied to have had her say? Why was tonight so particularly irksome to her that she decided to come harass her rival? If her man is “always” in this woman’s apartment, why come by tonight? And if this isn’t her first visit here, which of my neighbors was she actually trying to reach? So many questions.

It’s the 14th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!
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Original Slicer - GirlGriot

14 thoughts on “Wrong Number

  1. That’s funny. If only it was like one of those Ring doorbells. You’d wouldn’t really have more answers per say, but a face to refer to if her man really is stepping out with one of your neighbors and she comes back. Great slice!


  2. You can bet that I’ll be returning to your blog this month in hopes to read a follow up from the Wrong Number! Glad I read your post the next morning and not at night . . . I have a feeling I will be ‘wondering’ all day.


  3. > I mean, unless her man has been living his life as my cat for the last 13 years, he’s for-sure not here.<

    Ok, this made me giggle a little too much.

    I loved your questions in the last paragraph! So much unknown information! We need a Part 2! Crazy lady, come back and leave another message! LOL! 🙂


  4. Well that’s different! I am amused at the story, yet annoyed at the woman who left the message. Why ring the bell of her presumed rival? The rival is not the one cheating on her. Oh well, people do the darndest things.


  5. Thanks for all the comments! It was a weird and silly moment, and I’m glad you all enjoyed the telling. And I couldn’t resist the note about my cat, the only man I’ve lived with for quite so long!

    Amelia, I would very much prefer a hot FedEx guy showing up at my door to this woman or her straying partner! 😉

    And Rai, I’m with you. I always think this kind of anger is misplaced. I mean, sure, “the other woman” has done you wrong, but she’s not the one who made a commitment to you.


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