Knit One, Purl Two

I am working on a series of knitted gifts. Working on these projects is the first knitting I’ve done during the pandemic. It feels good to be diving into some crafty business again.

(I have a ginormous yarn stash … but all of these projects are being knit from new yarn. I have been buying and buying and buying yarn the last few months. Yes, it will all eventually be turned into something — gifts for my beloveds or for myself — but all this shopping is getting out of hand.)

My mom taught me to knit when I was nine … and I promptly forgot. But then I taught myself when I was in my twenties, and I’ve been knitting ever since. I love knitting. I love learning new patterns and trying more and more complicated designs. I very particularly like knitting lace. I love seeing how simple stitches turn into graceful, delicate fabric. I am especially loving Estonian lace patterns. I have a few shawl patterns I have made several times (let’s hope all those friends don’t run into one another some day at a wear-your-knitted-gifts convention!).

The gifts I’m making now are sturdier, are meant for more rough and tumble wear and tear. They’re cute, but not lacy. I did, however, start a lace scarf for myself just for fun. My office day this coming week will include a trip to the post office to mail out a handful of gifts. I still have a few more to make. I feel super productive in the knitting department.

This is a pretty rambling post. I’m sleepy and content, which is a good combo for me, but leads to some unfocused writing. πŸ™‚ Time to post and get some sleep. Much more knitting to do tomorrow!

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12 thoughts on “Knit One, Purl Two

  1. Your title totally grabbed me! And I love the line about hoping your friends don’t run into each other at the wear your knitted gifts convention. πŸ™‚ My grandma taught me to knit when I was somewhere around 8 or 9 and I went from knitting bedspreads and rugs for my dollhouse to scarves and blankets when I got older. But then I had my own kids and I stopped. Someday…


    1. Hi and thanks for reading! I love that we both learned how to knit around the same age. Maybe that’s a common age for learning to knit? I hope you are able to get back to knitting if it’s something you’d like to do. πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve always been envious of those of who knit and crochet, even sleepy ones like you. 😘 it’s a level of patience I have never mastered. Look forward to seeing pics of some finished products.


    1. Patience is definitely required … which is why I wasn’t particularly good at it for years. I had to grow into that patience. I still have some growing to do in the department sometimes … πŸ™‚

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  3. Terje

    Wow, you are doing Haapsalu shawl lace patterns from Estonia. These are so intricate and complicated and beautiful. There is a whole museum for these shawls in Haapsalu, Estonia. they have been given as gifts to famous people, like the queen of Sweden. I think your friends would actually be super proud to meet at a convention with these shawls even if the patterns are same.


    1. Yes, Terje! I love, love, love these patterns. They are such a challenge … and I’m still doing only the most basic ones. I’ll move up eventually. I have a great book that’s a combination history and pattern book. I would love to visit that museum one day. πŸ™‚


  4. I love the idea of knitting gifts. I wouldn’t mind relearning how to knit (haven’t done it in years) but I’m never sure what to do with things if I finish them. Giving them gifts is the best possible option!


    1. I need to become much more generous so that I can work through my crazy yarn stash. I could probably open a shop in here with all the stock I have. So gift-giving it is! πŸ˜‰


  5. carwilc

    This entire pandemic, I have felt like I needed a hobby, or needed to create something. Your post makes me want to take up knitting, which I have actually tried several times before, but i wasn’t very good at it! I wonder if there are any classes in our COVID ridden world!


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