Just a little green …

Like the color when the spring is born
There'll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow
Just a little green

I’ve always loved that Joni Mitchell song. I haven’t seen any crocuses yet, but I have seen little hints of the change of seasons. The trees and shrubs are starting to plump, to fill with the energy they’ll need to burst any minute into new leaves and flowers. The light in the morning has more … glitter somehow. And this not-at-all-young woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of being more out in the world.

I’ll get my second Moderna shot soon, and I am thinking of what that will mean, of how I want to add small bits of socializing back into my schedule. Small. Nothing extreme. Just enough for me to feel less like a prisoner. Enough for me to start remembering what it’s like to not look with disdainful suspicion at every person who stands closer than six feet.

I’m looking forward to feeling like I live here, instead of feeling like I’m holed up here.

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Original Slicer - GirlGriot

15 thoughts on “Just a little green …

  1. I like your connections between the song and the way life feels at the moment. I got my first Moderna shot today, and I am also looking toward the world and being able to engage in different ways. I love the phrase “feeling like I live here, instead of feeling like I’m holed up here.”

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    1. I’ve started slowly (slowly) adding tiny bits of extra social into my week. I am clearly still not ready to walk away from all the precautions — nor should I be — but I’m determined to push myself a little bit. Hope your reaction to the second shot is mild!


  2. I also love that line: “feeling like I live here, instead of feeling like I’m holed up here.”

    I wonder if the purple flowers I saw poking up in Riverside Park this afternoon were crocuses. I couldn’t take a photo because my phone is full. Has that ever happened to you?

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  3. Maybe a weekend walk to THAT cemetery, the big one… I’ve been meaning to look for a certain Garifuna guy’s grave there for a few years and could tell a bit of his tale from a safe distance, double- masked of course.


    1. I could so easily walk to that cemetery (and that’s where I caught my first glimpse of forsythia!) … but I’m lost, I have no idea what Garifuna guy you’re talking about. Enlighten me, please!


  4. I’m getting my second dose soon too. I felt so expansive after my first dose – like someone gave me a ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, “visit optional.” Having the full shot might make me feel like Dorothy returning home in the hot air balloon.


    1. I ate out twice last week. The first time, I was outside, and it felt weird but okay. The second time, rain drove us inside, and I’m still stressing about it. I’m sure I’m fine, but … stressed. It still just doesn’t feel like a normal, safe thing to do. 😦


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