What? We could be sailors.

I am a lousy thumb typist. Phones are small, and my thumbs are big, and it just doesn’t always go particularly well. Couple that with autocorrect’s insistence on changing perfectly normal words into chaos and my texts and emails sent from my phone are often comical and hugely embarrassing by turns.

I had a serious text exchange with a friend over breakfast this morning. Or it would have been serious if I hadn’t immediately derailed us by typing nonsense.

Me: “So great to hear you’re looking for a new jib!”

She: “A new … what now?”

Me: “A jib. A jib? Didn’t you just say you’d started looking?”

Still me: “Oh crap. Thank you, big thumbs.”

There’s the text I sent my sister-in-law where I wound up telling her I was stopping for ammo before heading to the train.

And the message to my old landlords telling them some pigs had arrived for them and I’d put them inside my gate. (That was supposed to be “pkgs” … I have no idea what I was trying to say that turned into “ammo”!)

There are all the times I’ve wanted to send a joyously-exclaiming greeting … and have sent “Ho!” instead of “Hi!” yeah.

These are just three of thousands.

I love my hands. I am very (VERY) vain about them. They are big and long-fingered, and men who are smart enough to compliment me on them get high marks (really, anyone who compliments me on them gets high marks). They aren’t however, a helpful size and shape to excel at typing on the phone. And, naturally, so much of my communication these days is about typing on my phone.

This morning, my friend told me that she has finally decided to leave the position she has hated for years and start looking for something new. This is fabulous, and I can’t wait to see what she does next. But, instead of having a great conversation about that, my thumbs decided our time would be better spent with me making nautical references. Maybe she’ll be happy as a jib hunter. Seems like a waste of both of her masters degrees, but we all need to follow our passions …

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7 thoughts on “What? We could be sailors.

  1. >There’s the text I sent my sister-in-law where I wound up telling her I was stopping for ammo before heading to the train.<

    This made me giggle! I think that the only people out there who are proficient "thumb typers" are teenagers, and much of what they send doesn't make sense anyway! 🙂

    However, why not a life on the sea, right? 🙂

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  2. I love the humanity in this post. It is so endearing. You have reminded me of the craziness that can occur within just a few awkward strokes on those little keyboards that so often send me over the edge with aggravation. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has learned to see the humor in such an annoyance. Thanks for sharing this with us! ~Carla Michelle

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  3. There used to a chain of “Amo” newsstands and smoke shops throughout the city. A lot near train stations. Their cigar band logo immediately came to mind reading your auto-cucumber corrections.

    My big thumbs is lazy and hits the space bar when I want to press ‘n’ or ‘m’. or presses ‘n’ or ‘m’ when I need a space.


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