Hey baby, hey baby, hey!

Hey baby, hey baby, hey!
Girls say, boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Hey baby baby

Can you make it make sense? Why would anyone think sending me a private IG message trying to hook up was a good idea, was a sensible idea, was an idea that should actually exist in any reasonable version of a universe that I inhabit?

I love that Gwen Stefani song, and those lyrics fit this dude so perfectly. Let’s factor in some additional data:

  • You “met” me in a zoom meeting this morning.
  • During the course of that zoom meeting, you twice mentioned your wife. TWICE.
  • While I do have the most gorgeous virtual background in the history of fake rooms, there is absolutely nothing about me in that space that looks anything like flirting or an invitation of any kind.
  • To open your message by saying, “I sure had to do some digging to find you online!” is super creepy. Yes, I’m sure you had to make some kind of effort to find my IG. Why would you do that?

Ugh. Needless to say, I rejected the message and creepy dude is blocked. I am most definitely too old for this nonsense.

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Original Slicer - GirlGriot

6 thoughts on “Hey baby, hey baby, hey!

  1. Ewww! Instant block indeed. And to go through the extra digging just to be a creep like that. Some creeps have no home training as one of my friends will say. I’m with you, at this age, my patience for such shenanigans is nil.

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    1. My background is just a picture of a room I downloaded from Google images. It’s a pretty room, and it has the added perk of “fitting” me: it almost looks as if I’m really sitting in that room. People are always commenting on my lovely home because they think it’s real. 🙂


  2. Yup, talk about creepy…but I’m with Ameliasb. Show us that virtual background. Hey, next time try a fake zoom head like that guy with the cat head in a formal meeting who couldn’t find the button to get rid of it. Maybe a C’thulhu head.


    1. If I had the skills to give myself that kitten filter, I’d be using it all. the. time! It is the best … though I do love your idea of swapping in a C’thulhu head! 🙂


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