All together now!

We’re in the home stretch on the giant project I’ve been buried under. It feels good to see how close we are to the finish line. And it feels good to see, yet again, how amazing the team I work with is. They have put so much time and effort into this thing, and they are the only reason we are as far along as we are. This is a great group of people. They are, in fact, the reason I applied for this job. I wanted to work with them. And now I do!

A handful of us went to the main office today to work together — get components organized, get signatures on various forms. I don’t know that I can articulate how great it was to share space with my colleagues, how nice to look up and see other people, how nice to have a question and not have to use phone, email, or zoom to get an answer. We’re a long way from being back in the office full time, but today was a lovely little preview of how nice it will be to see people in person again.

It’s hardly surprising that it was nice to see people in person, that it was a nice change from me, my four walls, and my cat. There are a lot of things that have been good for me about working at home, and I’m not interested in rushing anyone back to the office. We need to work out the safety logistics first. As my boss pointed out this morning, too many of us share small offices, so there will have to be some fancy figuring to come up with alternative arrangements. But again, even with most of the floor being empty and all of us wearing masks, today just felt solidly normal. And that was comforting.

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5 thoughts on “All together now!

  1. I’m so glad you got to experience this today! I’ve had the privilege of working with an amazing team and the heartache of working with terrible ones, and the former is definitely preferred.

    Clearly, you felt the blessings of moving in tandem with a team that has shared goals, values, enthusiasm and commitment. You’re right – this pandemic has been rough on those of us who really value the synergy of a great group.

    It’s wonderful to know that today – you got to reconnect with them in a way that was so personal and professional at the same time. Cheers to more moments like these sooner than later!

    ~Carla Michelle


    1. I am lucky enough to never have worked with a terrible team. I’ve certainly had terrible members of teams and terrible managers, but I’ve really been quite fortunate. The team I work with now is a constant gift. They always wow me! 🙂

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