Watching the Clock

Sooooo … I’m at 52 hours now. And counting. I was really banking on that 24 to 48 hours of side effects idea. And I know these things aren’t exact, and four hours past “deadline” isn’t really all that much, but it feels like a lot. My fever has broken so I no longer feel high, which is entirely a good thing. But the body aches have returned, making even this little bit of typing really annoying.

BUT — I finished the last big part of my giant work project! Monday, we’ll wrap it up and tie it in a pretty bow, but it is done for all intents and purposes. It’s the first project of this kind that I’ve worked on in my no-longer-new job, and I let the stress of that get to me. Thanks to the rock stars I work with, however, it has all come together. And, after Monday, I can start picking up on all the things I’ve left sitting by the wayside as I worked on this.

First I need to get past this vax reaction, though. Here’s hoping that one more night of sleep will do the trick.

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Original Slicer - GirlGriot

11 thoughts on “Watching the Clock

  1. A friend said she had side effects every other day, but after the fifth day, she was recovered. And I’ve heard that side effects like yours means your immune system is really revving up to do its work. Too bad it has to make you feel so bad while it’s revving up.

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