The Smile on the Face of the Tiger

(I mean, most definitely not, but my brain handed up this title, and I couldn’t resist it, even though I never loved that limerick.)

Today starts the Lunar New Year. And it’s a Tiger year. And it’s a Water Tiger year. And I’m a Water Tiger!

I have always been happy to be a Tiger. Before learning a single thing about what being a Tiger might mean, it pleased me because I was so meek and run-over-able. Discovering that there was something wild and powerful about me meant so much.

So, a Water Tiger. All Tigers are Wood Tigers because wood is the fixed element for Tigers. But I am also a Water Tiger because of my birth year. And, since your birth year sign only comes around every 60 years, you know what birthday I’m celebrating later this year.

I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of Chinese astrology or any other kind of astrology. Like most people, I find bits that please me and go with them. For example, one page tells me that my Tiger personality traits are: confident, brave, majestic, idealistic, thrill-seeking, arrogant, and selfish. That’s quite the list of descriptors. Do I like some more than others? Umm … yes, yes I do. Meanwhile, another site that focuses on the characteristics of my elements tells me I am exceptionally gifted, idealistic, sympathetic, and a perfectionist. I’m not saying they don’t all fit me, but … whew! Interesting that idealism found its way onto both lists. Maybe I want to do some cherry-picking, but I think if you take one, you’ve got to tak them all, no?

I was maybe in middle school when I learned about the Chinese zodiac. (Where I grew up, there was really not even the faintest idea of a world that didn’t look like our town. I can’t imagine any scenario in which a teacher in my school would have taught me anything about Asian people. The only thing that broke up the sea of whiteness I lived in was me.) Learning about being a Tiger came at a good time. I needed something that would help me see myself as different from the girl people looked over, looked past. I didn’t magically blossom in the face of that new knowledge of who I could be, but I held onto it, let it feed me a little.

I’m not that timid girl anymore. Not by a long shot. Does that mean I no longer need Water Tiger energy? Hardly. We’re about to enter year 28 of the pandemonium, and I need every boost I can get. According to every rabbit hole I peeked into when researching my sign just now, this is supposed to be a year of living my principles, a year of prospering. I’m for it.

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12 thoughts on “The Smile on the Face of the Tiger

  1. Haihua Marina Chen

    I was trying to guess your age (24, 36, not 48 for sure)while I was reading the first lines until I got the one you revealed your age. I love your tiger energy that “broke up the sea of whiteness I lived in”. Super tiger girl! By the way I am 45 and snake.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! πŸ’› There are days when I could maybe pass for 48 … but the truth is I love-love-love that I am about to be 60! So looking forward to being an elder. 😊


  2. Ah, I like this! Did you know tigers -love- water? It seems being a Water Tiger in your birth year sign has you in your element all around. I giggled that you looked in various rabbit holes for information. Made me feel a bit like a librarian parsing out astrological know-how justy for you as I am a Water Wabbit (could NOT resist Elmer Fudd at all), in Chinese zodiac. I don’t know about the smile on the face of the tiger – but this certainly has the eye of the tiger for you!


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