I want the drugs. I need the drugs. Give me the drugs.

I am vaxxed and boosted. I am, in fact, hoping that a second booster for oldsters like me will be approved before my trip in May. I want to be loaded up with all the protection I can get.

My doctor — because she is a sensible and responsible professional and not an alarmist hypochondriac, terrified of getting Covid — has been telling me each time I email her about a second booster that I need to wait, that a second boost hasn’t been approved yet, hasn’t been shown to be helpful/necessary. And, each time we talk, I nod and agree that it’s best to wait … while inside I am screaming: GET THE DRUGS INTO MY BODY!!!

It’s still interesting to me how pro-vaccine I am. Or, to be more precise, how pro this vaccine I am. When vaccine talk first started in 2020, I was pretty certain I would wait a good long while before getting a shot. I wanted to wait until a lot of people had been vaxxed before I offered up my own precious self for some drug that would have been tested for about twelve seconds before being touted as the answer to our prayers. Did I want a vaccine? Yes. Did I trust Big Pharma or Caligula’s administration? Not hardly. I already have a strong, evidence-based distrust of the medical profession. There was no way I was going to raise my hand for experimental drugs.


Fast forward to the moment it became possible to get a shot. When I say I would have elbowed kittens, Mr. Rogers, and the Dalai Lama out of my way to get my first shot, believe me. I didn’t think twice about signing up.

Same with the booster. The moment I was eligible, I was online booking a shot for the next morning. I got to the pop-up vax spot before the staff, sitting outside closed, empty trailers ready to roll up my sleeve and get my dose.

My trust of the medical profession hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds. It hasn’t grown at all. My recently canceled surgery and the lack of care that has come in the wake of that mess have shown me that I can be assured that the medical profession still doesn’t care a whit for me.

Clearly, however, my fear of Covid is stronger than my distrust of doctors and drug companies. I am acutely aware of how likely I am to have a terrible time with Covid, how much more likely I am to die from it. That fear is what makes it easy for me to stay masked, easy for me to follow all the protocols (and wish other people would, too). That fear is what sent me hurtling toward my first Moderna shot, and what has me desperate for a second booster.

I just saw an article saying the Biden administration is pushing for second booster for people over 50, and I am so here for it! It hasn’t been approved yet, and there are good-sounding reasons to maybe wait … but none of those reasons are stronger than my fear, none of those reasons can drown out the drumbeat of GET THE DRUGS INTO MY BODY!!

Fingers crossed.

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23 thoughts on “I want the drugs. I need the drugs. Give me the drugs.

  1. Brian Rozinsky

    This is a serious topic, I get that. And at the same time, I appreciate the humor you bring to bear in confronting it. I can hear the urgency in your voice throughout this piece and in the background, simultaneously, I can hear your rueful chuckling. Nice tonal tightrope walking!


    1. Thanks, Brian! I’m glad you appreciated the humor. I wondered if people would find this post a little too silly when the subject is serious. I’m glad you felt the balance.


  2. This is hilarious. So friggin smartly written. Open, poignant, free of bias. Such an refreshing account of positivity from something so contested in the news (and the street). I’m pro-vax, so it’s easier for me to take this lightly but I think this is a testament to you. I’ve heard a lot of professions of “faith” being why a people I know aren’t getting the shot, or following protocols, and it feels more like excuses. How you’ve put this down here, that’s real faith… Also your title had me in stitches!


  3. Oh, I get it! I saw the article earlier today about pushing for the second booster for those over 50 and had much the same reaction. I want to travel to see my parents and my sister and her family, whom I have not seen for years and years now, but I really want more protection before I do. I hope that you are able to get yours before your trip in May, and you can get the other medical care you are awaiting, too!


    1. I hope you’ve scheduled your 2nd booster! I’ll be getting mind on Tuesday, in plenty of time for my vax reaction to have finished kicking my butt before I leave for Alaska! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I am just about to schedule my booster. My “four months after” isn’t for another couple of weeks. Since I won’t be traveling at all until summer, I have enough wiggle room to schedule for a Friday night. My first booster was on a Sunday and I ended up so feverish that I missed a couple of days of work. Don’t want to do that again! Enjoy Alaska! I hear it is very beautiful!


  4. I’m double vaxed and boosted and if the second booster comes out, you’ll be damn sure I’ll be in line to get it. Not for me, but for my parents, the parents and grandparents of my student who WON’T get it (because we live in deep red country), and all those who are ultra-sensitive to getting sick.

    Like others have mentioned, I love the urgency in this slice and the fact you’d elbow “kittens, Mr. Rogers, and the Dalai Lama out of my way” to get yours made me giggle.

    Thanks for the honest slice! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I love slice of life because of all the different stories and perspectives you get to read about. I havenโ€™t given much thought to another booster, but now you have me thinking.


  6. What a wonderful post and what a writer you are! And now you have me rethinking my trip to see my sister in TX. Maybe I should wait until I get my next booster. But then it will be even hotter! Decisions! And I’m not a decision maker.


  7. The conversation with you doctor vs the conversation in your head had me laughing. I am all for getting vaccinated and boosted. It they say I need a boost annually just like a flu shot, so be it.


  8. Delivered with your usual humor, but I hear your fear. As we’re slowly (as aggravating being locked up at home has been – still not slow enough in my opinion), relaxing standards and opening doors again, it gives me pause. It’s scary out there.


    1. It’s definitely scary. Fewer and fewer people are masking, and the numbers for the new Omicron are creeping up … I cant wait to get to CVS on Tuesday and get my shot!


  9. I have similar feelings and thoughts to what you express here. Part of me thinks that enough people have been vaccinated that we are all in better shape than we were a year ago. I too am fully vaccinated and have the booster. I think the fear that has engulfed so many of us is due to the powers that be (you can fill in the blanks here) feeding us this fear. I think this vaccine will become like the flu shot: you get it once a year, if you want it. Stay well and healthy!


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