March Madness

Another month of slices comes to a close. March goes by so fast (SO FAST!!). And every year I have the same realizations. I remember how much more I write when I focus on writing every day. I remember how easy it is to post to my blog regularly. I remember how fun (and sometimes stressful) it is to find a slice every day. I get a chance to check in with other slicers — catch up with returning folks and meet some new folks.

I also am reminded of how quick I am to cut back on sleep and how that adds up to me being completely exhausted by the end of the month. Case in point: how many times have a dozed off while writing this slice?! And every year I promise myself I won’t be in this situation next year … and here I am. Oy.

And now it’s time to start April’s challenge: a poem a day for National Poetry Month/National Poetry Writing Month. I have gotten nervous about taking on the Ghazal for the month, which tells me that I should definitely take it on. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve used a form with a rhyme scheme, so that will be an added challenge. I always kind of balk at rhymes.

Last notes for March:

I’m out of town tonight, having come south to visit my family and celebrate my sister’s birthday. It’s my first visit since Christmas … which you should read as I’m still pissed at Covid for keeping me from seeing my family every month.

The moment I saw the notification on my phone about second booster shots being approved, I was online signing up to get mine!

I have just a few weeks to set myself up for my residency. While I’m taking this mini-trip to see family, my cat is having a trial run being boarded so we can see if he can stay there while I’m in Alaska. (And oh my goodness, this should probably just be a slice of its own! I really had no idea what a nervous, fussy cat parent I am or how hard it would be to leave him at the boarding place!) So far, so good — because of course I’ve called them twice already to check on him and make sure they’re on top of his meds schedule. It’s either the kennel (that’s what we call “boarding places,” right?) or the hospital connected to the vet’s office. The kennel is a much nicer option. So, fingers crossed.

My desktop computer with its wonderful, giant monitor, has died. This is the computer I set up during the second week of quarantine in 2020 … and that shocking and unhappy event fell exactly one week after the service contract expired. Naturally.

I am having fun reacquainting myself with my hair at this new short length. I still catch myself doing things that would only be necessary if my hair was as long as it was three weeks ago. And I’m wearing earrings that have been out of rotation for years because they would get tangled in my hair, a thing that’s not an issue now. It’s like all these old faves are brand new again.

And there we are: the slicing challenge is an old fave (I still can’t quite fathom that it’s really 15 years!), and every time I participate, it’s brand new again. Thank you to everyone who has visited and commented. Thank you to Stacey and the team at Two Writing Teachers. And thank you to my own dogged insistence that I participate year after year!

It’s the 15th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!
Head on over to Two Writing Teachers
and see what the rest of this year’s slicers are up to!

Original Slicer - GirlGriot

10 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Terje

    Taking on another challenge after this month? I am impressed. I plan to sleep and read, two things that I didn’t do enough during March. 🙂 Good luck with your computer and cat. Enjoy your family time.


  2. So many great realizations here! I also write so much more (not just on my blog but also in my notebook) when I’m focused on writing each day. And I’m always surprised by how much more time I have in the day to write. I always think I can’t write daily because I don’t have time. Yet during March I somehow find time every day to write, publish, and comment on a bunch of blogs. Of course I do get less sleep and certainly read a lot less. I love the ghazal form and can’t imagine tackling it! Can’t wait to see what you do. I’m doing a daily haiku challenge for April but not sure yet how I plan to incorporate my blog. Maybe a weekly sum-up on Fridays? Hope your cat does well at the kennel. Alaska sounds amazing!


  3. At the beginning of March the 31st seems so far away. Now that it is here we wonder where it went. Good luck with your next challenge. I totally understand your cat anxiety. We took our cats to the “spa” when we went to Africa and Australia.


    1. I’m just so used to having someone come to my house to take care of my cat, but he’s got bigger needs now, so my two-week residency will definitely require daily care. Fingers crossed I get good news when I pick him up tomorrow!

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  4. That’s a lot to process through! 🙂

    I’m glad you were here in March! I enjoy reading your slices because they give me such a different perspective than my own! You also force me to question things about my own thinking, always a good thing!

    Good luck with your next challenge, boarding your cat (that’s always a tough one, where to take our animals!), and catching up with sleep! 🙂


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