As in “Adventures in Racism,” the name of my comics project.

AIR started as a graphic memoir, and all four of those comics are here on the blog.

AIR#1 — Me Talk Pretty

AIR#2 — You’ve Got to Be Taught

AIR#3 — Reversal of Fortune

AIR#4 — Whitewashing the Fence the Makes Good Neighbors

(probably I’ll stop making “air” puns with my post titles … probably. At least I’m not making puns in the episode titles themselves. That’s something.)

AIR has morphed into a new project. No longer a graphic memoir, it is transforming into a series of graphic essays about race. Creating essays in comics form is still new and difficult for me, so there’s been a serious slow-down in creation, but I’m plugging along, learning what the form is going to be for me, learning more about comics as a whole. It’s interesting how much of a passion comics-making has become for me, and how long it took me to discover it as a form I can work in. I have a lot of work to do to bring the new version of AIR to light, and I’m looking forward to every challenging moment of it.



And yes, after writing the first memoir comic, I found posts on a handful of other blogs with the AIR name, too.  I’ve decided not to change the name of my comic to prevent confusion with that other writing.  There are, sadly, more than enough adventures in racism to go around.

(To that point, people read these comics and then tell me their own awful experiences with racism, offering them to me as fodder for future episodes.  I’m sticking with my own sordid tales, but I encourage everyone to write (and draw!) their stories.  The more we tell them, maybe the closer we get to not racking up any new ones … Oh, the eternal optimist, me.)

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