Fat Talk

When I started reading Roxane Gay’s body memoir, Hunger, I immediately began a list of things the book made me want to write about. My experience of being fat is my own. It doesn’t mirror Gay’s experience, even where there are similar notes being struck. I think of the essays I’m writing about my fat body as being in conversation with Hunger, not a response to it, but another story to add to that one. I would love to see Gay’s book inspire an avalanche of fat writing, of fat people–but especially women and nonbinary folks–writing about being fat. What an amazing trove of commentary that would be. I thank Roxane Gay for what she’s written and for inspiring me to talk more extensively about my experience as a fat person.

The Ground Rules

The Cage, Part I
I See Her (The Cage, Part Ia)
The Cage, Part II
Giving Over My Body
You Don’t Know Me
Rubber, Glue, and Things that Can’t Be Unseen
Fat-Shaming and My Secret Decoder Ring
Fit-Modeling and Clothes Shopping While Fat
The Diva and the Pea
I Eat, Therefore I Am

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