Near the end of 2016, Vanessa Mártir put out the call to join the #52essays2017 challenge, an invitation to push further into my writing and recommit to getting the work done. The challenge was to write an essay a week for the whole of 2017. Weekly essay-generation was no joke! No. joke. I was on it for January … and then began to fall further and further behind. I was determined not to give up, and by year’s end, I had posted 43 essays and had near-finished drafts for six more, and had one completed essay out in the world accepted but waiting for publication … which put me at 50 for the year. Shocking, to say the least.

Vanessa named her essay cycle The Relentless Files. I named mine “GriotGrind.” Because I love alliteration and because I figured it was about time I got on mine and got the damn thing done.

I didn’t stop with 2017, however, but kept on and on and on. I haven’t equalled the number of essays I wrote in 2017, but I’ve written quite a lot over the last few years. We’ll see how I do with this year’s essay challenge.

  1. Do I Dare? (redux edition)
  2. Disposable
  3. Surprised by Love
  4. Serendipity or Divine Intervention?
  5. Triggered: Misophonia Redux
  6. Triggered: Musing on Misophonia
  7. My Greening Thumb
  8. It’s “just hair” … unless it’s Black hair.
  9. Spidey Senses
  10. Under the Influence
  11. Pick and Mix
  12. I want the drugs. I need the drugs. Give me the drugs.
  13. Can I get a Claritin?
  14. Dope Slap
  15. Upended
  16. Isolated Impact


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