Vanessa Mártir put out the call to join the #52essays2017 challenge, an invitation to push further into my writing and recommit to getting the work done. The challenge is to write an essay a week for the whole of 2017 … or perhaps the rest of my natural life? (Ha!) Weekly essay-generation is no joke! No. joke. I was on it for January … and then began to fall further and further behind! But I’m here for it all the same. Completely. I will write 52 essays this year. I am committed to write 52 essays this year. I have so many sloppy starts sitting in my “Drafts” folder. Time to power through a few of those!

Vanessa named her essay cycle The Relentless Files. I’ve named mine “GriotGrind.” Because it’s about time I got on mine and got the damn thing done.

Essay 1 – Learning to Walk All Over Again
Essay 2 – How Long Has This Been Going On?
Essay 3 – The only thing I have to fear is …
Essay 4 – One Last Night
Essay 5 – Before You Come for Me
Essay 6 – Testing My Faith
Essay 7 – Alliterative Descriptors — Blackety Black Edition
Essay 8 – A Whale of a (Swedish) Fish Tale
Essay 9 – A steaming pile of dog mess by any other name …
Essay 10 – Deadlines, Doubt, and Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
Essay 11 – If You Stand for Nothing
Essay 12 – H is for: Heft
Essay 13 – I’d like to teach the world to sing …
Essay 14 – Peace and Power
Essay 15 – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Essay 16 – Don’t Try This at Home
Essay 17 – Pouring Gas on a Fire
Essay 18 – Randomization Done Right(er?)
Essay 19 – Backsliding toward Bethlehem
Essay 20 – Fat Talk: The Ground Rules
Essay 21 – Fat Talk: The Cage, Part I
Essay 22 – Three Years On
Essay 23 – I See Her
Essay 24 – Fat Talk: The Cage, Part II
Essay 25 – Fat Talk: Giving Over My Body
Essay 26 – Fat Talk: You Don’t Know Me
Essay 27 – Fat Talk: Rubber, Glue, and Things that Can’t Be Unseen
Essay 28 – Bad Brain
Essay 29 – Yes, yes, of course … me, too.
Essay 30 – Not Your Auntie
Essay 31 – Barrels, Empty and Full
Essay 32 – La Impostora Regresa
Essay 33 – Calling a Spade a Spade
Essay 34 – The Well-Meaning White Chick
Essay 35 – A House Full of Grandpas
Essay 36 – Moving On
Essay 37 – By Your Leave
Essay 38 – The Queen of Oversharing
Essay 39 – Un Rêve Parisien