Near the end of 2016, Vanessa Mártir put out the call to join the #52essays2017 challenge, an invitation to push further into my writing and recommit to getting the work done. The challenge was to write an essay a week for the whole of 2017. Weekly essay-generation was no joke! No. joke. I was on it for January … and then began to fall further and further behind. I was determined not to give up, and by year’s end, I had posted 43 essays and had near-finished drafts for six more, and had one completed essay out in the world accepted but waiting for publication … which put me at 50 for the year. Shocking, to say the least.

Vanessa named her essay cycle The Relentless Files. I named mine “GriotGrind.” Because I love alliteration and because I figured it was about time I got on mine and got the damn thing done.

I’m not done, however. I’ve decided to stay with this challenge in 2018! We’ll see how things play out this year!

GriotGrind 2018 Essays:
All I Want for TKD …
Happy, Nappy, Proud
Airing my dirty laundry …
Baking with What You Have
The Trouble with Columbus
See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me
Human Touch
_____ while Black, Pt. 2
Comrades in Arms
Mom’s Family: Lessons in Acceptance
Building Sanctuary
Fat Talk: Fit-Modeling and Clothes Shopping while Fat
Take your olive branch and go.
Celebrating the Journey
Asking for What I Need
To be or not to be … a person who stops
Close to Home
Close to Home: La Impostora Edition
Washing and Folding
Think of the Children
A Long Road Is Suddenly Shorter
The Autumn of My Life
Expiration Dates
Deaths and Entrances
Wild Animals, Redux
Taking from My Father
A Writerly Obsession
Remembering, and Honoring, Loss
Magical Negresses, Robocalls, Ballot Boxes and American Greatness
Adventures in Fear and Procrastination
Down at the Crossroads
White Women’s Work
Mississippi Goddamn

Past GriotGrind Essays