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2019 – 22 Essays (Yikes, the numbers keep dropping!)

Open Lines of Communication
Settling into My Rage
And so, Liam Neeson.
Writing in Residence
Six Years Standing Still
Me, a name I call myself.
Slipped Loose from My Moorings
Old Friends in New Places
Bedtime for Becky
Learning to Learn
Being Seen
Se Sentir Bien dans Sa Peau
Your Privilege Is Showing
One Sappy Sucker … Get Over It
Done. Undone. Redone.
Euphonious Exhortations
Labor (Union) Day
Fat Talk: The Diva and the Pea
Cute AF
Fat Talk: I Eat, Therefore I Am
Still on the Line …

2018 – 34 Essays

All I Want for TKD …
Happy, Nappy, Proud
Airing my dirty laundry …
Baking with What You Have
The Trouble with Columbus
See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me
Human Touch
_____ while Black, Pt. 2
Comrades in Arms
Mom’s Family: Lessons in Acceptance
Building Sanctuary
Fat Talk: Fit-Modeling and Clothes Shopping while Fat
Take your olive branch and go.
Celebrating the Journey
Asking for What I Need
To be or not to be … a person who stops
Close to Home
Close to Home: La Impostora Edition
Washing and Folding
Think of the Children
A Long Road Is Suddenly Shorter
The Autumn of My Life
Expiration Dates
Deaths and Entrances
Wild Animals, Redux
Taking from My Father
A Writerly Obsession
Remembering, and Honoring, Loss
Magical Negresses, Robocalls, Ballot Boxes and American Greatness
Adventures in Fear and Procrastination
Down at the Crossroads
White Women’s Work
Mississippi Goddamn

2017 – 43 Essays

Learning to Walk All Over Again
How Long Has This Been Going On?
The only thing I have to fear is …
One Last Night
Before You Come for Me
Testing My Faith
Alliterative Descriptors — Blackety Black Edition
A Whale of a (Swedish) Fish Tale
A steaming pile of dog mess by any other name …
Deadlines, Doubt, and Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
If You Stand for Nothing
H is for: Heft
I’d like to teach the world to sing …
Peace and Power
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Don’t Try This at Home
Pouring Gas on a Fire
Randomization Done Right(er?)
Backsliding toward Bethlehem
Fat Talk: The Ground Rules
Fat Talk: The Cage, Part I
Three Years On
I See Her
Fat Talk: The Cage, Part II
Fat Talk: Giving Over My Body
Fat Talk: You Don’t Know Me
Fat Talk: Rubber, Glue, and Things that Can’t Be Unseen
Bad Brain
Yes, yes, of course … me, too.
Not Your Auntie
Barrels, Empty and Full
La Impostora Regresa
Calling a Spade a Spade
The Well-Meaning White Chick
A House Full of Grandpas
Moving On
By Your Leave
The Queen of Oversharing
Un Rêve Parisien
Cultural Awareness as Deflector Shield
Your Fave Would Never
Losing Ground
Fat Talk: Fat-Shaming and My Secret Decoder Ring