When I first put up this list, I tried making some divisions, groupings, categories, something.  But that’s just too much trouble, you know?  An unnecessary headache.  People keep falling into more than one category, or blog A doesn’t quite fit so well next to blog B, or some such.  Trouble.  So, enough with the categories.  And no more of the careful, figuring-out-the-seating-arrangement-for-the-wedding-receiption shifting of places on the list.  Boy do I love to make things hard for myself!  Everyone’s just listed alphabetically now.  And some folks aren’t posting now, but I leave them up anyway. And I haven’t updated this in about forever. There are blogs I’m reading now that aren’t here and ones that are here that should be taken out, but … well …  Have at it!
Ask and Ye Shall Receive (and — yes I am that vain — my review)
Awkward Black Girl
Be Gay About It
Christine Hyung-Oak Lee (VONA love)
Collecting Tokens
Crazy Quilts
DC Scorpion Girl (VONA love)
Discovering Jade
Formerly Fun
Holla Back NYC
Ill Doctrine
Kevin’s Meandering Mind
Life of JEM: My Life in the Inland Empire (VONA love)
Living Life Twice
matt, liz and madeline (This link takes you to a ‘backstory’ page that you really need to read before you check out matt’s blog. I don’t read here all that often because, no matter what’s going on in his day to day, I find myself crying before I reach the end of a post. Now you might not be as sappy and sentimental as I am, but you’ve been warned. If you’re already read the backstory, you can click right to the home page. — This blog is defunct.)
Maya’s Granny (In memoriam: our dear, dear Joycelyn)
Musings of an African Woman (VONA love)
People in the Sun (In memoriam: Oren’s excellent blog. I never met him, but really enjoyed reading his blog and trading comments back and forth. I miss him and wish his wife and children all the best.)
Reality Outran Apprehension
Satsumabug’s Art Blog (VONA love)
Stacia L. Brown
Tayari Jones (VONA love)
Tananarive Due Writes (VONA love)
The Bottom of Heaven
The Root
The Secret Council of American Negroes (ended, but still worth a look)
The Sweet Spot — Aaron’s yummy dessert blog!
Violence Unsilenced
¿What do I do all day?”
With the passing of time (on hiatus)
Ze’s Page (particularly String Spin v.2)
Zetta Elliot (her former blog, complete with  lots of amazing writing: Fledgling)