Unexpected Pi(e)

For the first time in … ever … I made a pie to honor the day. Our storm that turned out not to be a blizzard meant I had to work with what I had in the house, so no apples, no berries, no any of the kinds of pie I might actually have imaged myself making. No. But I did make that pumpkin soup not long ago, and I still had a can of pumpkin, so …

Happy Pi Day, everyone !


Friend Date — SOLSC 14

My friend Mopsy and I used to work together. For eleven years. But not any more. For almost two years (is it already that long?!) we haven’t been co-workers, haven’t had offices right next door to one another, haven’t shared late nights writing grant proposals or car rides downtown.

We are still friends, of course. But it’s different now that we don’t see each other nearly every day. I miss her. Miss having our different perspectives on the same work stories, miss seeing her practically every day.

But we are in book group together. We shared a concert subscription at Carnegie Hall last season (we still have our Yo Yo Ma concert to look forward to!). We take the occasional road trip. We text and talk.

I still miss her.

My schedule has been ridiculously full for months, and when I haven’t been busy, well, I’ve mostly been sleeping. Last night, Mopsy and I were texting about choices for book group. I looked at my calendar and saw — shock! — three free nights this week. I suggested coffee, Mopsy suggested tonight. We were on.

So we had an impromptu friend date — too short by half, but excellent all the same.

This was a good reminder for me. I don’t have a lot of time, but I have enough time. I don’t have to have hours and hours free in order to schedule a get together. I can meet for coffee, for tea. I can meet for a little while, keep my Friendship Well full.

How do you juggle all of your everything and still get to see your friends? Do you have some time management tips you can share?


It’s Pi Day! I wanted to walk up to Tribeca’s Kitchen for some apple pie to honor the occasion, but the cold, wind, and rain had other plans for me. So I went savory instead of sweet on the pie front — a couple of slices of fresh mozzarella pizza! How did you play with Pi today?

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SOL image 2014

Simple Simon met a pie man …

It’s been a long week — pushing to get a couple of grant proposals out, saying goodbye to a colleague who’s time at our job has ended, coming up with stories to post every day, trying desperately to make brain space and time for the writing and drawing I need to finish so that I can submit my VONA application

That last has been hardest of all.  I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do for my application, but I couldn’t seem to get it from my head onto the page.  Fox, my sister, gave me some good, get-out-of-my-own-way advice, but I stretched and pulled at that until I created a new difficult task for myself.  Finally last week I had the sketch of an idea mapped out … but then I had no time or energy to work on it.  Meanwhile, the whole business is due tomorrow, and I’m still a LONG way from being ready.  I did a lot of work tonight, however, and that both pleases me and makes me hopeful.

I haven’t been to VONA in two years.  in 2012 I went on a solo writing retreat (two amazing and amazingly productive weeks in Tulum, Mexico … sigh), and last summer was all about recovering from knee surgery, so no VONA for me.  But this year I really want to immerse myself in that magical, golden space again.  I just need a strong application, and I don’t have that yet.

Yet.  I will have one before midnight tomorrow.  I’m determined.

So to make sure I’m able to create that strong application, I’m going to sign off with a little photographic nod to the day:

PIEIn case that silly title didn’t make it clear: it’s Pi Day!*


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SOL image 2014

* And in case you aren’t familiar with my silly title, it’s from a nursery rhyme.