The Just Posts


The Just Posts was a monthly round-up of social justice blog writing.  The lovely and talented Alejna at Collecting Tokens co-published the list with Holly at Cold Spaghetti. The round-up started in 2006 by the ladies blogging at Under the Mad Hat and One Plus Two and picked up by Creative.Mother.Thinking.

I was surprised and honored to find some of my writing on the list in spring of 2008, shortly after I started blogging. It continued to be an important note for me, seeing that little pingback on my dashboard when the list went up … the assurance that not everything I was writing was frivolous nonsense.  It was an even greater honor to have several posts nominated for the “Best of” award in 2009, and to have one of my posts win its category!

But don’t check them out because a post or two of mine is listed.  Check them out for all the amazing writing you’ll find from other people.  I’ve discovered some really wonderful blogs through the Just Posts, and I hope you will, too.

The monthly roundup has ended … though I keep hoping this turns out to be a long pause and not a forever goodbye.  Most of the archived posts are still up, however, and still make good reading:

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