Toeing the Line

(I mean, not, but how am I supposed to resist making a title out of a phrase that fits so perfectly?)

So … no hospital for me. I slept with my icepack wrapped around my foot. I woke up okay — by which I mean that I was functioning though also in pain. I didn’t dismiss the pain, but I decided to just work through it.

The first indication that I needed to do more than acknowledge my pain came before I left the house. Putting on hard, unwaveringly-firm shoes was a sad error. I’d quickly changed to some super-cushy Propet sneakers that have a lot of forgiving give in the toe box.

Then I left the house to walk to the train and get my sore self to work. Oh. My. Dog! I don’t live far from the subway, thank goodness. Three short blocks. But it was a LONG walk this morning. I questioned every decision I’d made: why hadn’t I called a cab, why hadn’t I brought my folding cane, why was I even going to the office at all?

But the day turned out to be much less dramatic than that inauspicious beginning suggested it would be. There was some discomfort, but no excruciating pain. I’ve got my icepack back on now. I definitely messed up my poor toes, but I’m sticking by yesterday’s assessment: I’m going to have some pain to deal with, but I think I’m going to be fine. (Please let that “fine” come along before the short trip I have planned at the end of the month!)

One thing yesterday’s mishap has made me discover is that the Keen Waimea H2 — my toe-protecting flip flop — has been discontinued! The horror! What on earth could Keen have been thinking? Did someone lose a bet? Sad times. All may not be lost, as I’ve seen Keen bring back old styles with new names (the “Hydroguide” has recently returned as the “Zerraport II,” for example). Maybe the same thing will happen with the Waimea. If it does, I’ll be filling a closet with them before they get discontinued again!

For now … sleep. Tomorrow I need to start looking for this year’s poetic form. We’re past the halfway point of March, and April is just around the corner! I can’t very well write thirty poems if I don’t know what form I’m writing! Time for some research.

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Original Slicer - GirlGriot

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